How to have a business while being a mom by Paty Araujo Photography.

Being a mompreneur by Paty Araujo Photography based in San Antonio, Texas.

All mom know that having kids comes with its own big responsibilities and sacrifices. When you decide to start your own business and work from home on top of that, things can get a little harder to handle.  All of a sudden, you are juggling both your babies’ needs at the same time as tending to your growing business.

Being a “Mompreneur” comes with a lot of struggles. I, personally, have two small toddlers.  I have a little 4-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl. They demand so much throughout the day, especially the little one since he does not go to school yet. Setting my work schedule has helped me tend to my kids in the afternoon, but I still have to get up from my computer a lot during the day to tend to my son. It is very frustrating to stop in the middle of something, lose your train of thought, and come back with “what was I doing?”  

At the beginning of last school year I was going through a moment of depression, I would call it.  I had applied for a job, but was denied the opportunity to work on something that I really loved. I am not going to lie… I felt terrible.  Let me bring you back a little.

I went to college right after high school in a different country, and I graduated (early) with a Bachelor’s of Hospitality and Tourism. My dream career was to be a flight attendant, and so I got my certifications and began hunting for a job. Heartbreakingly, I all denied by every airline that I applied too. During this time, I met the love of my life and my dreams and goals shifted a little bit.

Hustling and building my empire while being a mom by Paty Araujo Photography.

I got pregnant and I decided that the best option for my kid was to stay at home with her and put my career dreams on hold for a while.  A couple of years later I had my second child. Then, we moved to another state with no family nearby.  I was just a woman with her husband, her kids and her dog. I felt horrible, depressed, and I started thinking “what am I doing now?”  I did not feel successful. My dreams were definitely gone. I realized that wasn’t 20 anymore. All I could think was “what the heck am I doing?”

Well, I was the cleaning lady, the cooking lady, the change my diaper lady, the wash my clothes lady…I was “THAT” lady.  It was not necessarily a bad thing at all, but my desire to do something, to start a career, to stand on my own two feet …that desire started to catch fire. So, one day I got up and started hustling!

I busted my butt all year long.  I was learning, learning, learning, and more learning. Because of that hard work, today, in the summer of 2019, I am able to take it a little slower and shift my attention to my kids when I need to. My kids are my life, my everything, and they do not deserve a mom whose attention is only her business.  So, I decided to sleep a little later than usual and give up my Netflix series while they were napping.  I decided to start cooking two or three meals at a time, and I decided to have a designated day to do certain things around the house.  In other words, I have been able to re-evaluate my priorities.

Being a mom while growing a business by Paty Araujo Photography.

Life as a “Mompreneur” is hard and stressing. Sometimes you wonder how you are going to make it.  “How can I get ALL of this done, and not go insane at the same time?”  There are just so many things that are on your shoulders as a mom, not to mention all of the other responsibilities you have as a business owner.

I realized that time will tell. That, you have to prioritize your daily “to-do’s”.  I am not going to lie, most times, I go to bed thinking, “Man, I didn’t do anything today,” or “I didn’t finish my million item to-do list,” but you know what?   I don’t have to put a check mark on 10 to-do’s per day …I was a mom today, I cuddled my babies, and even if I did just one thing, today was a big success.

I think we put ourselves under so much pressure that we forget that we are humans too. We cannot do EVERYTHING.  Yes, sometimes we wished we did more, but we still have tomorrow to do it.

Working while having children by Paty Araujo Photography

Just last week, my youngest got sick during the night. I held him all night (even when my arm was numb), and I stayed up with him when he was throwing up.  Nevertheless, in his eyes, he couldn’t have been in a better place than his mom’s arms while he felt his worse. He told me, “Mom you have superpowers.” I wanted to cry and say “No way!”, but, in his eyes, I did.

Now, guess what?  My business had to wait, but it was totally ok.  I needed time for both him and me to recover.  After all, without me there is no business right?

Being a mompreneur in San Antonio, TX by Paty Araujo Photography

So, what I am trying to say is…yes, being a mom and an entrepreneur is really hard, but you got it.  You and I can relate to each other in so many ways. I still fall behind and get mad about it, but then I realize how blessed I am to have my healthy family.

Falling behind is ok. You will have tomorrow to catch up, mom! You are awesome and you have superpowers!

Having met moms who share the same struggles I came up with an idea and decided to open a group on facebook called Mompreneurs in San Antonio and South Texas focusing on learning together, getting out of routine, and continue building our empire! Feel free to join us!

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