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Hey boss babes!

If you are not having the time of your life during the quarantine and need a push, here are 10 things you should do to keep your small business (and yourself) thriving.

1.  Catch up! Yes there was a time where you needed 48 hrs a day to be able to get caught up, right? Well if you haven’t done that, this is the time!

2. Listen to Podcasts.  There are a big variety of them: business related or not. It’s always so much fun to listen to some amazing information!

Here are my favorite

  1. The Six Figure Photography
  2. Brand You
  3. Goal Digger
  4. Brilliant Business Moms

3. Batch content.  Yesss!!! Batch it up baby! I personally love to batch ideas for two months at a time. I use Desktop Calendar to add those in. Then I use Planoly to write down captions and choose images (don’t forget to add your hashtags).  Write blogs to schedule and start creating email templates for your subscribers. I also have a story content idea calendar to keep my audience as engaged as possible.

4. Educational content.  Finish courses that you have purchased but haven’t gotten the time to complete. If you can, purchase a small course that will benefit you from (there are a lot of budget friendly mini courses out there), read articles, or watch tutorials on YouTube.  The information is out there ladies!

5. Look at your finances. This may be the time to start an excel sheet or download an app to set your budget and finances into place. Perhaps create a list of your equipment with model number and brand.

6. Create an email list.  If you don’t have one, this may be the time to start adding subscribers. Don’t forget to release content that attracts people and make them want to sign up for future content. If you already have an email list, keep growing it.

7. Network.  Reach out to other businesses in your niche.  Network with them and start creating a relationship. Also, don’t forget to touch base with those who you’ve already created a relationship with. Join zoom calls or jump into lives.

8. Collaborate.  Collaborate virtually with other business owners and go live together or feature them in blogs.  Maybe you can both share a few tips and tricks or just connect with other fellow friends/ clients.

9. Show your face.  Don’t forget to show your face and let your audience know what’s going on with you.  Share your struggles you are facing while in quarantine as well. Go live or add stories.

10. Look over your goals.  The first quarter has passed.   Did you reach your goals? If not, what do you need to do to reach those? Will your goals for the next quarter or rest of the year change because of the pandemic? Then tweak them to make them realistic and reachable.


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