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Congratulations! You now have yourself a professional photographer who specializes in Personal Branding Photography… but now what? How can we make the most for you out of my knowledge and experience?  How can you make this project a success? How can you get the most value out of your session?

Let me be honest, you are investing in something good here, my friend.  What you and your photographer will be building together, your personal branding portfolio is something that will definitely bring you and your business to the next level.  Let’s be honest, cell phone pictures really do not compare with professional images, no matter how new or fancy a cell phone is.. I always tell my clients, “it’s not about what camera you have, but who you have as your photographer!” This is a powerful truth.  It is the photographer’s skill and experience that will make the magic happen…the photographer matters more than the camera!

So, preparing for this personal branding session is SUPER IMPORTANT because you want these images to be a PERFECT reflection of you and your hard work!

1. Choosing your outfit.

           Always keep your brand colors in mind and choose a few outfits that will represent the image you want to portray. (Example: When I meet with clients I am more casual. When I photograph an event I am more formal.  When I work from home I am on my leggings.) Also, do not be afraid to accessorize…the right accessories can be fun and take your image up a notch!

Nurse personal branding session in San Antonio, Texas by Paty Araujo Photography.

2. Choose your location.

           With the help of your photographer, choose a location that best represents your brand. It can be your office, a coffee shop, your studio, etc.  The choices are really endless here. One of my clients wanted a pastry shop background, so we had a session in the middle of a crowded bakery. Also, I love to travel so if you want your session on an exotic beach in the Caribbean…I am in!

Coffee Shop personal branding session for web designer at Bakery Lorraine in San Antonio, Texas by Paty Araujo Photography.

3. Bring what you sell.

           You would definitely want to bring what you sell: clothes, flowers, or makeup. If you are more of a service company, like for example a photographer, nurse, or blogger, then make sure you bring some of the tools of your trade (see below).

Personal Branding session for nurse and nature vitamin shop in San Antonio, Texas by Paty Araujo Photography.

4. Bring props.

           No matter what your product is…don’t forget to bring props! They add pop to empty spaces. Things like a  notebook, computer, scissors, fabric, ruler, makeup brushes, stethoscope, typewriter, a chef’s hat… whatever you use to create your product and/or service.  But, don’t forget a prop that represents you and your personality as well. People want to know who you are…that is a HUGE part of Personal Branding, so you can also add a cute mug if you are a coffee addict like myself, paintbrushes if your hobby is art, a bicycle if you love to ride, even an umbrella if sometimes you just love to dance in the rain.

Personal Branding props for wedding planner and coordinator in San Antonio, Texas by Paty Araujo Photography.

Ladies, I hope this was helpful to you. This is exactly what I use to help my clients prepare for their session.


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