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I am not going to be long here. I know you have many other things to do, so I’m going to get to the point.

Creating a brand for your product or service is important if your goal is to achieve success by building awareness among customers of who you are and what you have to offer them. Creating a brand could be easy, but exposing that brand to the public…that is where it gets tricky.  It is more than just a selfie on Instagram, a quick emoji on Facebook, or a boring old headshot on Linkedin. Honestly, professional photography is one of the best ways to establish your brand.

In 2020, there is not a soul on earth (well maybe my kid’s 85 year old great-grandmother) who doesn’t have a smartphone. Nowadays all brands, even the multimillion dollar ones such as Amazon, Youtube, Maybelline, Toyota, etc., live or die by Android or Apple phones, right?  Think about how many brands now communicate almost exclusively through smartphones.

Social media and the exposure it allows is the most cost effective and personal method of marketing that exists. But, in order for your exposure to be as valuable as possible, people need to believe in your brand.  The truth is that because social media marketing is so accessible and cheap, scams are everywhere, and everyone knows it. So people need to know that you are the “real deal”; they need to make sure you are not a scam. 

We have all seen that person standing in line with their thumb scrolling down glancing over their news feed.  This is your opportunity to make a statement to them. This may even be your only opportunity. Typically, your post will only have about 3 seconds to make an impact.  One. Two. Three. And they are off to another post. The success of your brand means that you have to make sure they stop to see what you are all about. 

I am a believer that everything works in conjunction: picture-caption-opt-in, etc.  So, the first thing they need to be grabbed by is YOU and your professional image! The honest truth is that the image on that post will be the deal-maker or deal-breaker.  Will they stop or will they keep scrolling down? Three seconds is how important amazing images are for building your brand.

So, what are you doing? Do you have professional images that portray the best of you and the best of your brand?

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